Monday, March 15, 2010

Behind the Scenes of the Pistachio Shell Flower Brooch

As one of my signature pieces the Pistachio Shell Flower Brooch has always been one of my favorites. This past week I discovered I had unwittingly signed myself up for a craft show that took place this past Saturday. So I had less than five days to make new items as my stock was running low.
I managed to generate 10 Pistachio Shell Flower Brooches in what added up to be less than 24 hours… I was a machine!
needless to say I’m a bit put-off pistachios for the next few weeks. However I thought I’s share with you some of the behind the scenes pictures of the process.
As you can imagine to start off I need a whole lot of pistachio shells. This involves reigning in friends and family to buy and eat bags upon bags of the things (no arm twisting was involved believe me) however the “please don’t throw those in the trash” part proves to be more challenging.
Then I have to clean, rinse, and sort them. Fun Times!
Then comes the GLUE! This little gun is a dear old friend!
I make the bases by cutting out circles from super sturdy boxboard. Can you figure out where this circle’s from?
After ages of gluing and gluing and gluing we have
Then if the weather’s permitting I head outside armed to the teeth with old newspapers and cans of spray paint. I often wonder what the cashiers think when I go through the line with fabric softener, anti-acids, soy-milk and 10 cans of multi-colored spray paint.
I like to keep people guessing.


  1. Reloved!!! you are so funny! and gifted! I look forward to your blogs! Thank you for the explanation - the flowers are beautiful! I like the check out story! LOL!

  2. I just love seeing those flowers in all those colors together! THat's a work of art in itself...
    Mybe you should do a wall hanging, I like the picture of them on the round tray.
    I also love seeing the process, the cleaning and such.

  3. That was fun! I always wanted to know how you made those... I hope you did well at the craft show.!

  4. Once again, Rebecca, you are just so cool. This was great fun to see!

  5. By the way, they look pretty left natural too . . .

  6. Check out my blog:

    Thank you for the brooch that I won!!!!

  7. these are so cute! I just bought three of them, and if it's cool with you will be featuring you soon on my blog! I work in the pistachio industry and appreciate anything cool that deals with pistachios. Love your blog!


  8. Whats the size of the circles that you start with?

    1. Sorry about not responding earlier:
      the circles are Approx 2.5"

  9. This is so AMAZING!! Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to show my children. I eat TONS of pistachios and I have a habit of saving the shells because I always THINK about doing craft projects with them, but it never happens. My husband has thrown away many bags of shells of the years, but I just found a bunch and I rushed to the computer to get some ideas. Keep blessing others with your beautiful art.
    ==Tee Jenkins

  10. Your pistachio shell flowers are such a creative, beautiful design! I saw your photos on Pinterest, but had to use Google image search to find you, the real artist, instead of the many who have reposted your fabulous creations. Thanks for sharing your inspiring talent!

  11. What a beautiful idea? Just love it so much that I wanted to try right now....

  12. Love your humour, and this great idea! Posting to Kawartha Lakes Mums Crafting fun Pinterest board