Monday, February 22, 2010

My Heart

In the past few weeks I felt I’ve lost focus and gone off track with my business. So I’m reminding myself and sharing my heart for my business.
My business is founded on the concept that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” but as it’s developed it’s gone much further than that and it’s resounded deeper with my heart.
Every person at some stage in their life feels like trash. They feel as though they are worthless and good for nothing. It’s a lie we are all sold at some stage and many of us latch on to it and it becomes a deep seated wound that drives us either to constantly prove ourselves or to give up entirely and settle for our lot. Whatever the affect it has it leaves us feeling broken.
The items I use for my creations are castoffs, the unwanted fashion magazine from last season filled with colorful images of what’s no longer fashionable, the broken car charger that was inexpensive and so not worth trying to fix, the tie that once made a man look very professional but now doesn’t match any of his golf shirts – all of these perfectly good items which are no longer of use to their former owner, and in some cases no use to anyone… except me.
I have a gift.
I taken what is unwanted, unattractive, unloved, useless, and doomed; and give it another chance to shine. I take pistachio shells which although extremely hard and were crucial for protecting the soft green nuts inside, have now been discarded because their work here is done…
I take old CDs whose contents prove no longer important and whose compact size still takes up too much space in the desk drawer…
I take old cereal boxes whose sturdy recycled material stored and protected those delicate cocoa puffs from crushing disaster…
And I do this not only to save the planet (as I am most certainly a caped crusader) but also to salvage hope and to create tangible reminders that the end might very well be another beginning. And though you may feel worthless, you are no such thing!
I believe in a God who is in the business of salvage.
I believe in a Spirit who brings restoration.
I believe in a Christ who passion is new life.
I ReLove because He first Loved.
I create because I’m inspired by the creator.
I Handmake because I am Handmade.
hand_print copy

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Fast and the Fabulous

Ash Wednesday has officially come and gone and so has begun the season of lent. I’m not Catholic (and never have been) but I often partake in lent because I’ve see the fruits of fasting and I know that I can always use a little more discipline in my life.

This season I’ve chosen to do a Daniel Fast which in a nut shell is vegan and also excludes refined sugars. Now there is much debate over the details and I’m not concerned with fretting the details. If it’s a plant or a product of a plant I’m eating it!!

The thing I’m really going to miss is black tea with milk and sugar --- three things that are not permitted. But the point of the fast regain focus, and reap the benefits of eating a really healthy diet.

Through this season I hope to keep up my new years resolutions and also to keep crafting and bringing you more fun stuff to feast your eyes on!

This is my latest:

Here’s to a season of victory!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Season of Love!

There’s still a chill in the air, not to mention a winter weather advisory for the greater mid-west. However Sunday February 14th marks a holiday when we celebrate LOVE!


So ReLOVEd is SO onboard!


However it’s important to note that you don’t have to have a significant other to celebrate LOVE!


You can celebrate everyone you LOVE!


Friends . Family . Co-workers . Neighbors . Bloggers


If you Love ‘em, Celebrate ‘em!


Love is something well worth celebrating! Make sure not to shrug off this opportunity to celebrate those you love. Making a card, or giving a treat or simply a big hug do something to celebrate how wonderful it is to LOVE!

“The Greatest Thing you’ll ever learn is just to Love and be Loved in return”
~Frank Sinatra

Monday, February 1, 2010

Honor Crowned Crafts

Welcome to February!
The first week of every month I want to dedicate to featuring another artist who Re O Loves!
the Feature for February is
Honor Crowned Crafts!
A fellow CAST team member, this great artist has found a fun way to not only reuse unwanted ties, but also do away with disposable “java-jackets” for a reusable and greener alternative. Click on any of the following pictures to view these tie cup cuffs in their Etsy Environment, and don’t forget to heart O
Check them out!
Not many people wear ties anymore, but they don’t wear out like other items of clothes and so many collect in closets and wind up in thrift stores en-mass.
However millions and millions of people drink coffee!
These stylish coffee cup cozies can be used by men or women, and who says it has to be coffee in that cup either, it could be a tea cozy, chai cozy, or hot chocolate cozy if you want!
Buttons are added to these tie cup cozies to make them even cooler.
“Caution Contents may be Hot” but you won’t have to worry with a nifty cozy like this one.
Visit Honor Crowned Crafts’ Etsy Store to view more cup cuffs and see what other creative things she has come up with! I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.