Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Cold Spring

It’s been a very long while I know.

It’s vicious circle really, I forget to blog, I then remember and feel bad for being so negligent and and so I put it off because I feel bad, and then I feel worse. And round and round we go.

I have a horrible habit of starting things off with fire and passion and winding it down to sad fizzle. However I’ve spent a lot of time brewing on the matter of late and I’ve decided to stoke the fire again. I’m not setting goals or deadlines; I’m just getting back to it. I’m bringing with me whatever it is that is currently catching my fancy and I’m making it personal. If there’s one thing that I am consistent at it’s being myself, having my own thought and ideas, and finding ways to relove.

Here’s to spring, and though it’s been a somewhat strange, cold and rainy spring, it is spring. Time for a fresh start.


I hope to come back often and share. I hope to continue to hear from readers. But most of all I hope to rekindle my passions for the creative expression of making something beautiful out something with no worth.


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