Tuesday, June 28, 2011

ReLoved funds a ReTurn!

My baby sister, a college junior at Alma college, is studying abroad this summer in Kenya and Botswana. The first leg of her trip was in Kenya and went very well, she had some excellent opportunities to work with a rural church and meet some amazing people with amazing stories.

Read about her adventures so far.

However on the second leg of her journey, Botswana, she had her bag containing everything of importance stolen from the car while she was at an event. She lost her Namibian Passport, U.S. green card, all her money and even her camera. She is truly heartbroken over the matter and faces a ton of obstacles as she applies for a new passport and then a new green card. One of the biggest issues is money. As a college student who is already up to eyeballs in debt from school, facing a possible $450 fee to get a new green card just to return home to family and friends is a lot to swallow. I cannot afford to give much myself, but what I can do is give all of my profit from ReLoved to my sister.


I know it’s a drop in the bucket, but it’s a portion of what I can do to get money to her.

Please be praying for her safe recovery back to states. My sister and I both have a heart that beats for Africa, and I desperately want for this event not to change that for her. Pray for peace, guidance, support and that she can continue to work over there despite the current situation.

Thank you.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The New Chicks in Town

Meet the Chicks


There’s five of them, all girls. The City allows you to have up to five chickens, so that’s where we had to stop. We have 3 Barred Rocks and 2 Lacewing Wyandottes.
They’re outside in their fancy coop and run all built from scrap lumber from the garage and painted bright green. They are very happy there and enjoy eating caterpillars, cucumbers and occasionally my fingers. We should be seeing some eggs come fall.


For now they’re just plain goofy looking and poop everywhere.
C’est la vie!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Cold Spring

It’s been a very long while I know.

It’s vicious circle really, I forget to blog, I then remember and feel bad for being so negligent and and so I put it off because I feel bad, and then I feel worse. And round and round we go.

I have a horrible habit of starting things off with fire and passion and winding it down to sad fizzle. However I’ve spent a lot of time brewing on the matter of late and I’ve decided to stoke the fire again. I’m not setting goals or deadlines; I’m just getting back to it. I’m bringing with me whatever it is that is currently catching my fancy and I’m making it personal. If there’s one thing that I am consistent at it’s being myself, having my own thought and ideas, and finding ways to relove.

Here’s to spring, and though it’s been a somewhat strange, cold and rainy spring, it is spring. Time for a fresh start.


I hope to come back often and share. I hope to continue to hear from readers. But most of all I hope to rekindle my passions for the creative expression of making something beautiful out something with no worth.