Sunday, January 8, 2012

Party Time!

It was just my Birthday and like any normal person I threw myself a party.
Okay so maybe that's not so normal, but I just moved into a new house and I was itching for an opportunity to throw a party! However like so many people, I am facing January with little to no money. 
Here comes the bit my mother always said:
"Necessity is the mother of invention"

Let my creativity loose!!

For decorations I made a GIANT paper chain (yes like the ones you learned to make in preschool) from magazine pages, using all the super bright advertising pages :) I then put up balloons which i had , but I think are only a few dollars. So that doesn't break the bank, and still leaves you with some money for food.
I also work for a grocery store that has a floral department, and I'm not sure if you know this but florist toss TONS of flowers everyday, and I asked them to hang onto their blown roses and I walked away with over 50 blown roses that looked great in bunches!
For the food I shelled out some money for hot wings (because I love them SOOOO much!) and I got them at a good price because I bought them at cost from my grocery store. But after the money went out for the wings, very little was left for any else. Once again I had to be creative. First thing is the veggie tray, I bought 4 veggies, baby Carrots ($1), Celery ($1), Cucumbers ($1.20), Broccoli ($1), and then instead of dropping $4 on dip, I just bought the store brand ranch dressing and poured it in a little dish with a spoon (and a fancy little rose I made from a tomato peel). The ranch dressing not only saved me a few dollars it also doubled nicely for the hot wings.

Then I bought a bag of bag of tortilla chips and made a simple layered bean dip, which with the help of great sales at Kroger and armed with coupons ended up costing less than $5 to make. It had seasoned refried beans, sour cream, tomatoes, olives, red onion, avocado and cheese. Then my best friend whipped up some delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies, and snickerdoodles (never underestimate the power of cookies, and ease of asking a friend to bake some). And just to add some more filler to the table I scored some free Christmas candy which set out in fancy candy dishes makes you look like the hostess with the mostess. And just in case that wasn't enough food I bought popcorn kernels which is less than $2 for 2lbs and popped some of the good stuff with real butter and a sprinkle of sea salt, it was quite delicious. Last was the punch, a super simple inexpensive way to provide beverages to a large group. The recipe I threw together was a half gallon of Orange Juice, a 2 liter bottle of no-name lime soda, several scoops of orange sherbet and an orange sliced into rings to float on the top and make you look all fancy. The party was a big success and in the end didn't break the bank! Hooray! After all was said and done the house looked great, my friends were fed well and everyone had a brilliant time!!

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