Sunday, February 19, 2012


It's been a bit tough posting Sunday blogs when I work the closing shift on Sunday.
I need to start planning ahead...

But for this week, I want to share my new guilty pleasure...
I picked up a container of PYSSLA from IKEA

...those fun little plastic beads you place on a grid and melt
I never got to do this as a kid, and I always wanted to.
All you do is put the plastic pegs on the board in whatever order you want. 
Then you put down the wax paper that comes in the kit and iron the pegs until they melt together. This part calls for adult supervision, but at the time I couldn't find one and forged ahead :)
Once the pegs look like they're all touching nicely, you're all set.
Just let it cool and then you're all set


  1. I LOVE those beads!! I have made bowls out of them before, they are really versatile :)

    I was just given the Lieber Award by another blogger, described to me as a chain love letter for inspirational bloggers. The details are on my blog and if you choose to accept it, its now your turn to agonize over who you find really inspiring, GOOD LUCK! x

  2. You have such a great talent of playing with these plastic beads so beautifully...they really makes me remind my childhood and now I am smiling...Awesome :)

  3. If you could email me with a few hints on just how you made your website look this great, I would be thankful.