Monday, February 27, 2012

Yeay Books!

I am already a big fan of the
but I have now laid my paws on...
It's just as fun as the first and filled 
with even more brilliant ideas!


  1. Ok,this is a bit random because you didn't mention paper beads in this post but I am so curious as to how you do them! I have made a few of my own but they don't look half as good as your's! I am really wondering what you roll them on too, do you fold the paper before you roll them? I love this blog, really truly inspiring. God bless,

  2. Hi,
    I roll beads in a few different ways, but I do have a tutorial on how to do the spiral kind here:
    Hope that helps :)


    1. Oh thanks so much! That basket is incredible,maybe someday I'll try something like that. I'm pretty new to crafting and your tutorials really help to inspire me to do new things. Miles of smiles,