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Green Tie iPod Case
"Such a smart idea! Now my cell phone is styling! Cool!" 
LOVED Scrabble Tile Bracelet
"Darling necklace, clever idea! A+"
Copper Wire Insulation Flower Hairclip - Pink
"Great item, great service, great seller! A+"
Pistachio Shell Flower Brooch --- Red
"Upcycled pistachio shells into a fabulous brooch! So much creativity! Wow!" 
Wind me Up and Watch me Go --- Wire Spiral Necklace
"Proves you do not need gold or silver to have wonderful jewelry! Deck your neck and save the planet! A+"
Tea Tag Earrings
"Very clever, very chic, very recycled! A+"
Rolled Recycled Paper Bead Cross Pendant - Blue
"This seller has an incredible knack for identifying unique possibilities in every day junk! So cool!"
Large Rectangle Cherry Blossom Earrings --- Silver
"Great item, great service, great seller! A+"
Rolled Paper Bead Earrings - multicolored
"Yet another highly inventive upcycled innovation! Super!"
Waist Not --- Recycled Denim Headband
"Great item, great service, great seller! A+"
CactusLoon - 3/04/2010

Small Square Cherry Blossom Earrings --- Silver
"My new earings are really nice! I'm wondering if my friends will recognize the flowers... Thank you!"
pseudonyme2 - 2/17/2010

Pistachio Shell Flower Brooch --- Red
"Received from overseas incredibly quickly! Beautifully packaged, stunning piece. Thank you!!!"
ellengracecollins - 2/05/2010

Lift my Eyes - Pendant
"Exquisite, beautiful, exceedingly well crafted, not to even mention the fabulous packaging card and tags - What an incredible gift to purchase from reloved - the photo cannot possibly capture the incredible workmanship that went into this stunning truly reminds me of God and His designs - it is so clear that things didn't evolve from mush...and it is clear that the universe is held by His Word - how else can any of us still be standing here today?! And it is clear, Rebecca you are incredibly gifted by God♥ keep shining the Light, it shows ♥"
kippyssomature - 2/02/2010

Faith Pendant
"Thank you for making this a lovely surprise!
xoxo, Daffy"
SweetHeartStudio - 1/28/2010

Rolled Recycled Paper Bead Bib Necklace with Hemp
"Great techniques with beautiful paper beads! What an artist!"
CactusLoon - 1/25/2010

Red Flower Bib Necklace
"Extremely Talented person!!! Beautiful item!!!A+ Thank You"
Purple Yo-Yo Asymmetrical Necklace
"Beautiful piece of jewelry Thank You soooo Much!!!"
originalnoell - 1/11/2010

Pistachio Shell Flower Brooch
"LOVE IT! Totally appreciate your creativity! Looking forward to getting the silver one :o)"
shaander - 01/05/2010

The Black and White Window Necklace
"I LOVE my pendant, I get so many compliments on it when I wear it with a plain white tshirt...very cool, thanks!"
crendon1230 - 12/30/2009

Mini Monster iPod Case
"Super cute and it shipped fast! Thanks!
I also highly appreciated the card that arrived with it! :D"

erdy - 12/28/2009
Pistachio Shell Flower Brooch
"Great seller! She loved the gift!!!"
crackedanastyone - 12/21/2009

Pistachio Shell Flower Brooch
"This brooch is beautiful and original. I know that my mother will love it when she gets it for Christmas. Arrival time was very quick and the personal note along with it was a friendly touch. I will definitely be back to post some appreciation photos after Christmas! Thanks again!"
lenorejoy - 12/09/2009

Late Summer Impressions Necklace
"This necklace arrived and i was shocked by its beauty! A picture does not do it justice. This will make an amazing gift. It also arrived very quickly!"
lenorejoy - 12/09/2009

Mini Monster iPod case - Mrs. Purple People Eater
"So cute! It will be a great gift. Thank you for the quick shipping!"

Mini Monster iPod case - Stuart
"Love it! Stuart is super cute! :)
and he got shipped here really quickly!"
stephonia - 12/06/2009

Shattered Glass - Necklace
"Bright necklace, light weight, very colorful! Super fast shipping!"
dranna - 12/06/2009

African Elephant Earrings
"Love the earrings! They totally remind me of Namibia. Super fast shipping as well!"
dranna - 12/06/2009

Railroad Monopoly Coasters
"Super classy and really useful and durable. My table is passing go and collecting $200."
hazakaza - 12/03/2009

The Written Word Bracelets
"The bracelets are stunning and will be a perfect gift!"
Flauxers - 12/01/2009

Mini Monster iPod cozy - The Diva
southindiabazaar - 11/28/2009

Custom Order - Origami Crane Earrings
"I loved my earrings. Delivery was fast, the earrings were very well packaged with a lovely personal note. Thank you!"
Starchasers - 11/14/09

Mini Monster iPod Cozy
"I love it!! I especially liked the card that it came with, thank you sooo much for making such special things:) "
treatmegood - 9/28/2009

I Like to Ride my Bicycle Earrings:
"I am in love with my new earrings, thank you so much! they are fabulous."
TheRubyKitten - 9/15/2009

Cities of Michigan Coasters:
"They were absolutely wonderful & seller got them to me incredibly fast. Seller was so helpful with all my requests. (it was a gift sent to a separate address.)Thank you so much!!"

swimgalk - 7/28/2009

Tie Bracelet:
"Quick shipping. The bracelet is pretty and comfortable to wear, adjusts nicely to fit a larger wrist. Thank you!"

midnight3661 - 7/23/2009

Gone Wired Necklace:
"I am totally in love with this necklace. I wore it the day after receiving and other people love it, too. Everything holds snug and secure."
QueenMeliska - 7/15/2009

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