Sunday, April 15, 2012

Compost Heap

I moved into a new house last fall, and I absolutely LOVE it!
I looked forward to this spring because I had so many ideas and plans
for the garden, one of which was to build a compost heap.

The back of the house had these two unusually placed 4'x4's
and I thought I would make use of them:

They were bolted to the back wall, and I used them as my frame.

I gathered my materials. All I ended up buying was a pack of zip ties and 50 deck screws.
I didn't use all the deck screws, not even close. I also picked up three pallets from my grocery store
and grabbed a contractor bag from my brother-in-law.

I used the contractor bag to line the wall between the posts (to protect the wood of the house from rotting). I then screwed two of the pallets into the the posts so they stood out from the wall at a 90 degree angle. Once I was sure they were secure and not going anywhere (about 4-6 screws on each side) I then zip tied the final pallet to the front creating a cube. I used reusable zip ties so that the front pallet can easily be removed allowing for easy access to the compost for turning and using in the future.

 I am extremely pleased with the way it turned out!
Now to tackle the rest of the garden to-do list.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone,

I have been away from the computer for a few weeks.
I don't have any excuses.
I'm pretty sure this is not the first, second, 
or third blog that starts this way.
However it's not the amount of times you fail that matters,
it's the amount of times you pick yourself up and try again.

now that I'm done waxing poetic, I'll leave with a few thoughts on Easter.
all sin has been paid for
death is defeated
GOD is good

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring has Sprung... and I've gone AWOL
It's just so hard to stay inside and craft or blog when the weather is stunning here!
And the little time that is spent indoors is gobbled up
by playing the new Zelda...
errr... I mean doing constructive things like clean the house and sleep.
I also am just getting over the customary spring illness.
Every year around this time I get some kind of 
infection.... blahhh.

So sorry about the absence. However with a little reorganizing and prioritizing I should be back up to business in no time. With hopefully some seriously fun blogs about my garden!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Yeay Books!

I am already a big fan of the
but I have now laid my paws on...
It's just as fun as the first and filled 
with even more brilliant ideas!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


It's been a bit tough posting Sunday blogs when I work the closing shift on Sunday.
I need to start planning ahead...

But for this week, I want to share my new guilty pleasure...
I picked up a container of PYSSLA from IKEA

...those fun little plastic beads you place on a grid and melt
I never got to do this as a kid, and I always wanted to.
All you do is put the plastic pegs on the board in whatever order you want. 
Then you put down the wax paper that comes in the kit and iron the pegs until they melt together. This part calls for adult supervision, but at the time I couldn't find one and forged ahead :)
Once the pegs look like they're all touching nicely, you're all set.
Just let it cool and then you're all set